The Fund

&Green aims to prove that financing inclusive, sustainable and deforestation-free commodity production can be commercially viable and replicable, thus strengthening the case for a rural development paradigm that protects valuable forests and peat lands and supports high-productivity agriculture.

The vision of &Green is that tropical forests and peatlands are protected and restored, smallholder livelihoods are improved, and production is increased.

Investment Philosophy

&Green addresses the problems associated with the current expansion-led agricultural production system used in tropical forest countries, which results in ever increasing rates of deforestation, forest loss and greenhouse gas emissions – significantly contributing to climate change.

By providing purpose-built capital for the sustainable intensification of agricultural production systems and business models that reduce deforestation, &Green aims to closethe market gap between the possible long-term solutions and the lack of a short-term business case for forest and peatland protection.

&Green investments mitigate the credit and environmental risk of commercial investors, commodity players and consumer goods companies through strong financial and environmental instruments and covenants, leveraging private sector investment.

&Green includes a landscape approach to conservation of the related forest or peat lands. The investments supports the investee company in developing and implementing a plan to protect the wider landscape around the area of production, under the inclusion of other stakeholders in the landscape.

Limiting &Green investments to jurisdictions with progressive forest and/or peat protection strategies ensures reinforcement of public policy signals through private sector investment.

Impact Targets

  • > USD 2 billion of investments catalyzed by &Green
  • 5 million hectares of tropical forest protected, conserved or restored
  • 500’000 households benefitting from the Fund through enhanced yields and incomes, creation of jobs and/or other income-generating opportunities

Geographic & Sector Focus

Geographic Focus

  • Tropical Forest Countries globally
  • &Green-approved jurisdictions only

& Green works globally, with local investment teams based in Brazil and South-East Asia.

Sector Focus

  • Generally, all commodity supply chains which source from tropical forest regions
  • Specific focus on the soy, livestock, palm oil and forestry sector

&Green invests in financially viable companies along the value chain of commodity production. It does not fund smallholders directly or non-profit organizations.


Jurisdictional eligibility approach

&Green intends to catalyze investment into jurisdictions where local authorities are also committed to the reduction in deforestation, and are actively taking steps to work with the private sector, communities and civil society to protect forest and peatlands.

&Green is able to only invest when the country/region/province where the investment is located meets the Jurisdictional Eligibility Criteria of the &Green Fund.

Jurisdictional Eligibility Criteria

Approved Jurisdictions


&Green’s contributors are

  • Bilateral and multilateral donors supporting forest protection and climate change mitigation globally
  • Private Sector industry actors with sustainable sourcing ambitions
  • Foundations

&Green was developed and set up by IDH Sustainable Trade Initiative under close collaboration with NICFI, the Norwegian International Climate and Forests Initiative. NICFI is also the anchor investor into &Green.

&Green was established as a Dutch foundation (“Stichting”) in July 2017 and currently has USD 125m in capital committed through contributions from NICFI (USD 100m) and Unilever (USD 25m).

Prins Bernhardplein 200, 1097JB
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
+31 (0)70 744 8884

Investment Advisor:

&Green was developed under the leadership of IDH as incorporator of the Fund in close collaboration with NICFI. IDH has received design and structuring advice from Innpact, a consulting firm specialized in the setup of impact finance funds.