&Green is a Foundation (“Stichting”), registered in the Netherlands. It’s governance structure is designed to safeguard the environmental and social return as well as the financial and commercial sustainability of the fund and it’s investments.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board represents the stakeholders of &Green, including Contributors, local country governments, and civil society.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is appointed by the Advisory Board and is the main decision-making body, responsible for the day-to-day running of the Fund. The Board outsources most activities of the Fund to expert service providers, in particular the Investment Advisor.

Credit Committee

The Credit Committee is a body of independent investment and sustainability experts safeguarding the environmental, social and financial compliance of investment proposals with &Green’s guidelines. It assesses the documentation submitted by &Green’s investment advisor. The Credit Committee is appointed by the Board of Directors.

Investment Advisor

Sail Ventures B.V., the investment advisor to &Green, is responsible for the identification, preparation, structuring and execution and monitoring of &Green investments, including syndication with co-investors.

Fund Management Advisor

Innpact acts as the Fund Management Advisor to &Green. The firm provides multiple corporate and administrative services to the Board of Directors and Advisory Board of the Fund, including corporate secretariat, service provider coordination, monitoring and reporting, and risk management and compliance services.

Fund Administrator

Intertrust, the Fund Administrator for &Green, is responsible for all aspects of corporate and administration services required for a foundation established in the Netherlands, including corporate and domiciliary services, accounting and administration services, and registrar and transfer agency services.

External Auditor

KPMG has been appointed as the external auditor to &Green. The firm provides full auditing services as required by Dutch law.


Rabobank, the banking service provider to &Green, is responsible for all aspects of banking services required for the Fund, including cash management, depository services, foreign exchange products, hedging services, and online banking.

Legal Representative

Key Terms of the Fund

Jurisdictional Eligibility Criteria 1
ScopeThe amount and quality of forest and/or peatland potential of the jurisdiction is significant and highly relevant from a global perspective on conservation and climate change mitigation grounds.
Jurisdictional Eligibility Criteria 2
Ambition & strategy There is a clear quantitative target against historic rates of gross deforestation, which reflects or goes beyond established national targets. A feasible strategy for implementation with clear milestones is in place.
Jurisdictional Eligibility Criteria 3
ProgressTimely progress towards milestones indicated in the strategy of the jurisdiction can be shown; and there is measurable progress towards the target to reduce deforestation.
Jurisdictional Eligibility Criteria 4
Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV)A transparent system is operational to monitor, measure, report and verify reductions in deforestation, forest and peat degradation.
Jurisdictional Eligibility Criteria 5
Social and Environmental SafeguardsIn accordance with the Cancun Agreement*, an appropriate framework is in place to mitigate social and environmental risk.

Complaints Management Policy

In order to ensure that complaints are handled properly and resolved promptly while always meeting the clients’, contributors’ and stakeholders’ interests, the Fund has set up a Complaints Management Policy.

Please download the document and follow the outlined procedure.

Complaints Management Policy

Prins Bernhardplein 200, 1097JB
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
+31 (0)20 240 2200

Investment Advisor:

&Green was developed under the leadership of IDH as incorporator of the Fund in close collaboration with NICFI. IDH has received design and structuring advice from Innpact, a consulting firm specialized in the setup of impact finance funds.