The &Green Fund was structured as a Dutch foundation (“Stichting”), registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. Its governance structure is designed to safeguard the environmental and social returns as well as the financial and commercial sustainability of the fund and its investments.


Advisory Board

Contributors to the Fund, as well as regional political and business experts, are represented on the Advisory Board. The Advisory Board defines the lending guidelines and approves all Jurisdictions in which the Fund is able to invest.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is appointed by the Advisory Board and is the main decision-making body, responsible for the management and investment decision making of the Fund. The Board outsources most activities of the Fund to expert service providers, in particular the Investment Advisor.

Credit Committee

The Credit Committee is a body of independent investment and sustainability experts appointed by the Board of Directors to safeguard the environmental, social and financial compliance of investment proposals with &Green’s guidelines. It assesses the documentation submitted by &Green’s investment advisor and makes a recommendation to the Board of Directors.

Key Terms of the Fund

Legal entityStichting (Dutch foundation)
DomicileThe Netherlands
Fund durationEvergreen Fund structure
Launch date & capital committedJuly 2017 with USD 100 million committed by Norway's International Climate and Forests Initiative (NICFI)
Investment advisorSail Ventures B.V.
Capital terms
Fund capital targetUSD 400 million invested by 2022
Capital contributions to the FundBi- and multilateral Donors + Private sector corporates + Foundations
Asset terms
Geographic focusTropical forest jurisdictions of South East Asia, Latin America and West Africa, etc.
Financial instruments offeredLong-term subordinate credit (5 – 15 years)
Transaction size (range)USD 5 – 30 million invested from &Green / Total project transaction size ≥ USD 15 million
Portfolio of investmentsSupply chain companies / financial institutions / smallholder projects / project finance structures

Complaints Management Policy

The Fund has a Complaints Management Policy which aims to ensure that complaints are handled fairly and properly, and are resolved promptly whilst always protecting the interests of investees, contributors and stakeholders,.

Please download the Complaints Management Policy document and follow the outlined procedure.

Any complaints can be directed to