The &Green 2022 Annual Report

The Annual Report 2022 builds on the success of the digitalized version first published in 2021. A highly visual and interactive experience means readers can easily navigate between different sections to explore deeper detail through layered content. A year of deal momentum. On the back of new investors in 2021, &Green closed and disbursed on four transactions within a 12-month period, demonstrating that we are building strong market interest, and that we now have the systems and people in place to allocate funding effectively  

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Biodiversity; A Sassy Sales Pitch– An Opinion Piece By Sail Ventures.

&Green is happy to announce that Sail Ventures, the Fund's Investment Advisor, has released its third opinion piece. The paper presents our take on the beauty and complexity of biodiversity. It seeks to find answers to SAIL Ventures most pressing questions on biodiversity: How do we make our biodiversity story accessible to a broader audience? What is needed for the financial sector to be able to deploy capital in a biodiversity positive way?

&Green and Mercon to create climate-resilient sourcing practices in the coffee supply chain in Vietnam.

&Green is partnering with Mercon for the establishment of a sustainable, climate-resilient, deforestation-free coffee supply chain in Vietnam, the second-largest coffee-producing nation in the world, with over 80% of contributions sourced from smallholders. With the support of &Green's loan, Mercon will create a blueprint of a climate-resilient, deforestation-free coffee production landscape in the country, with improved livelihood opportunities for smallholders and greater capacity to run efficient farm management.