The forests and peatlands under the greatest threat from current agricultural expansion and unsustainable practices are located in the tropical regions of Latin America, Africa and South East Asia. &Green concentrates its efforts on exactly these geographic locations. In these regions, we only work in countries or states where the (local) authorities are committed to tackling land conversion as well.

&Green’s investment approach requires in-depth knowledge of the local context and relevant stakeholders. On the ground presence is therefore essential. Our Investment Advisor, Sail Ventures, has senior executives based in São Paulo and Singapore. They are continuously investing in strong relationships with our clients and prospective clients and visit the projects on a regular basis. Africa is accessed from Sail Ventures’ head office in the Netherlands.



&Green’s approved jurisdictions are countries, regions or provinces governed by authorities who are committed to addressing deforestation. We take an active approach to pre-selecting the jurisdictions that we consider for investment. We have developed a screening tool, known as our Jurisdictional Eligibility Criteria (JEC), which we use to assess whether a jurisdiction has a progressive forest and/or peat protection agenda, and if local authorities are committed to the reduction of deforestation and the protection of valuable ecosystems.

Our investment is intended to encourage improved regulation and enforcement in our approved jurisdictions. With this jurisdictional approach of &Green, public policy is linked more directly to private sector commitments within a Landscape. Ultimately, regulation and its implementation is a critical process to protect natural forest and the private sector has a strong role to play in supporting that process.

At the moment, 8 Jurisdictions have been approved across Latin America, South East Asia and Africa. An Approved Jurisdiction must meet the JEC. &Green periodically reassesses jurisdictions, to ensure continued suitability for the Fund. We continue to assess additional jurisdictions and those that are approved will be added to this list from time to time.

Jurisdictional Eligibility CriteriaApproved Jurisdictions
03 / Inclusive production

Our landscape approach

&Green targets inclusive, sustainable and deforestation-free production within a defined area, or Landscape. The operations of our clients and of their stakeholders are part of this Landscape. This includes local communities, producers, financiers, supply chain companies, local and national governments and civil society. That is our Landscape Approach.

How we invest

&Green Fund’s investment in RLU has gradually grown into a partnership, challenging us at times, but also supporting and encouraging RLU’s efforts to make a positive impact for communities and biodiversity. We really value that &Green understands the complex context of the landscape and variety of stakeholders that need to be managed, all while balancing the commercial needs of a sustainable rubber plantation.


– Yasmine Sagita
 – Director, Corporate Affairs (Pt RLU)


The target sectors of &Green are the commodities that are driving deforestation – such as palm oil, soy, beef, forestry, and others, – in tropical forest jurisdictions with progressive forest protection strategies and targets in place. In this way, &Green can demonstrate the decoupling of commodity production from deforestation while being socially inclusive.